Welcome to SleeperAwakens.

Welcome to
Sleeper Awakens

Having earned my art degree sometime in the Pleistocene age, I now consider myself a 'born again' artist, reawakening my creativity and joy thru illustration, painting and web design.

I like to share these pages with art from some of my friends and I hope you will visit their sites, as well! See "Guest Artist" to the right!

Enjoy your visit here.

little lorey
Lorey: c. 1958,
Killeen, TX
trailer park
with my thrift store panda

: Moni Mauch

My newest guest artist is an old friend of mine. That is to say, she has been my friend for a very long time!

Moni has always been a remarkable artist since our high school days. She is one of the most creative and resilient artists I know. Moni has mostly pursued 3D arts -- jewelry, ceramics, textiles, glass, and most recentlly, sculpture.

Moni's work can be seen on her site at: http://monisart.com/index.html

Below is "Charlie Two Buck" -- Moni's glass sculpture built from Two Buck Chuck bottles and metal. I LOVE this guy!

Charlie Two Buck Sculpture

Moni is very active in the Tulare, CA, Arts Council. From her bio:

I have also spent considerable time and energy helping to make art more accessible to everyone in our society. As a Board Member of the Arts Council of Tulare County I am proud of my part in bringing artists into classrooms throughout Tulare County. Helping children to appreciate and understand art at a young age can only make them better adults, and study after study has shown that students who experience art do better in math, science and critical thinking.

Below is another of Moni's works that I admire, called "Garnet":

Garnet by Moni Mauch

My thanks to Moni for letting me feature her as my guest artist. You MUST check out her inspiring work! She creates wonderful and fun creatures and surroundings and her generous nature shows in every image.



Sleeper Awakens Projects

I'm STILL working on several projects --

Chix Fry Desolate Destination
DESTINATION: DESLOLATION -- Vintage postcards from questionably appealing destinations. File under: "What were they thinking?"


Moms 1946 DiaryTRANSCRIPTION of my mother's 1946 Diary. She was one of the first 150,000 women to join the Women's Army Corps (WAC).


Glamour Girls in outer space
MYTH AMERICA: GLAMOUR GIRLS IN OUTER SPACE -- a fun look at women in scifi films in the 1950's and the influence reflected in today's do it all woman.

Contact me at loreylavery@pacbell.net


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