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On this page, I will keep past artists who have generously let me use them as my Guest Artist.

Please look them up and support their work!

: Brian Smith

Brian Smith is the son of some friends of mine. They turned me on to his work last year. I think its wonderful -- surreal, fantastical and frightening. Beautiful work.

This newest piece of pencil work, below, puts me in mind of dark fairy tales -- a peek at a "literate monster". I hope you will check out the rest of his work on his blogspot, Brian Smith Art.

Brian Smith Dark Fairy tale pencil drawing
Pencil work from Brian Smith

By Midnight by Brian Smith
"By Midnight" by Brian Smith
11x14" oil on masonite. 2010

My thanks to Brian for letting me feature him as my guest artist. You MUST check out this work! It's wonderful. He should be creating scary monsters for Clive Barker or Steven King.


Guest Artist:  Martha Barber

Martha Barber's Baby Rebecca Painting

This was Martha's painting interpretation of her cherished photograph of her baby daughter Rebecca (now in her 30's!!)

Without any formal training, just taking the mural painting class we took together at the West Valley Occupational Center in Woodland Hills, CA, I thought Martha created a beautifully poignant image of her daughter.

It's every little girl's fantasy -- trying on Mommy's fancy shoes and dreaming of being a grown up lady.




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