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March 2011

Title Bar for a Corporate intranet site called CP Communique

Sample 1- CP Communique
Sample 1

Sample 2 - CP Communique
Sample 2


November 2010

Christmas Greeting I'm working on -- all built in Photoshop:

Christmas Card for 2010


July 2010

Retirement Flyer for two friends from ATT:

Newspaper Retirement Flyer


Fairy Sketch   Momma Bunny
Sketches from long ago -- Fairy dancer and bunny mom with baby bunny bundled up in a breezy bedroom!


Bring It On Kitty
Bring It On Kitty
Concept sketch for a t-shirt design. Hypochondriac that I am, I thought I was very ill back in June (more tests coming at the end of August, but I'm sure I'm alright now ).

I was thinking, what image could I conjure up to fight this "thing" if it turned out to be cancer or something....hypochondriac, I said!

This kitty was going to be my avatar, or surrogate, to help me fight. I might still put him on tees. He's kind of fun.


Fresh & Easy Shopping Bag Design ContestFresh + Easy Bag Design
Didn't make the cut again!! But also a good exercise in design -- contest was for a local grocery store's new bags.


Mom's 1946 Diary "Photoshop Collage"
Mom's Diary Image
This was five scanned images put together into one image -- this is the cover piece for the transcription I still plan to post! Someday....

What do I do all day long that I can't make this happen? It's such an interesting piece, I think. And she had a bunch of interesting photos. I just have to finish scanning them....oh, yah, my scanner died....that might be part of the problem!


March 2010

Two entries in the Santa Monica Pier's Twilight Dance Series for Summer 2010. Didn't make the cut!
Santa Monica Pier Poster Contest  Santa Monica Pier Poster Contest


Christmas Card 2009
Christmas Card 2009
Photoshop rework of my beach mural painting! RECYCLING!!


Howling Wolf Illustration
Howlin' Wolf
Original Size 18" H x 12" W c. 1988
Pencil Illustration -- collage of Howlin' Wolf photos and Chess Records label



Greetings From Earth Vintage Postcard
Greetings From Earth

Original size: 12"W x 10"H c. 1988




Floating Skulls Image (for Halloween Teeshirts)
Floating Skulls

Original Size: 10"H x 8"W 2008


Pumpkin Pirate (for Halloween)
Pumpkin Pirate

Original Size: 10"H x 8"W 2008





Thank you and I'll be adding more images, web sites and movies soon.


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